The process

The clay is mostly wheeltrown and decorated with screenprinted motives.

screentryckt handdrejad keramik kopp

I am my own factory and with my hands i produce everything in every part of the process.

Ever since my first memory of the fragrance playing around with clay in early childhood I have been in love with this material, so easy and tactile to manipulate and create desired forms and fantasies with my bare hands.

Over the years, experience and knowledge evolves but there is always more to learn and explore.


Usually I use an almost black clay, covered with a layer of thin white clay and then decorated with motifs of nature, pine, leaves, ferns, flowers, moths and bugs. The pictures are first drawn and then transfered to a screen printing frame used to print the motives on thin paper, then pressing the paper with the wet pigment on to the moist claysurface.

After glazing and fiering to over 1100 degrees Celsius the motives are safely imbedded under the glossy surface.

A long and messy procedure but it creates an interesting depth with all the layers shining though.